The fourth congress of FIAPAC took place in the Georges Pompidou European Hospital in Paris.

250 professionals attended the congress from over 17 nations, Europe was strongly represented, and participants came from as far as U.S.A., Canada, Mexico, Australia and South Africa. This reflects the steady growth of attendance at our congresses, from 50 in Amsterdam, 100 in Brussels and 120 in Maastricht.

The conference, which lasted for two days, consisted of 5 round tables, 2 workshops and a session for open discussion. Simultaneous translation was provided for French, English and German throughout the congress.

Debates, discussions and exchanges of views between members were very numerous and highly productive. They were of great benefit to everyone, and created an atmosphere of warmth and friendliness among all present.

The congress concluded with a memorable dinner at the French Senate in the Palais du Luxembourg, where the FIAPAC was cordially welcomed by the French State, a strong indication of the political will in France to open the debate on abortion.