Sarah Robotham


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    Women’s experience of the abortion process - a semi-qualitative survey


    Sarah Robotham, Julie Porksen and Helen Axby, Marie Stopes International UK


    Background:  Marie Stopes International is the largest UK provider of abortion services outside of the NHS, performing over 50, 000 procedures in 2003.  UK clients come to Marie Stopes through NHS referrals or privately, whilst others are private clients from overseas.  Differing timescales in the process leading up to having an abortion are reported, however no systematic study of client experiences has been carried out.


    Objectives:  This survey explores women’s experiences of the abortion process in order to: determine preferences in regards to abortion service provision; understand the timescales women experience; determine the acceptability of the latest clinical guidelines for women accessing termination of pregnancy services.


    Design and Methods: Information was gathered from c.100 clients accessing termination of pregnancy services at MSI centres in the UK.  A mix of interviewer administered questionnaires and self-completion questionnaires were used.  Open questions were analysed by content analysis.


    Results:  Results will be available end of August, 2004, and will cover the following areas:  decision making; experiences of NHS vs private clients; client preferences; obstacles faced; opinions on clinical guidelines.


    Conclusions:  To follow from results.