Thea Schipper


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    Immigrant patients


    Who is doing the translation


    Thea Schipper  RN, Managing director of the Abortion Clinic “Beahuis & Bloemenhove” , Heemstede, the Netherlands. Co-founder and member of the FIAPAC Board.


    In early 2003 the story of a Moroccan woman whose pregnancy was terminated against her will in a Dutch abortion clinic attracted a lot of media attention. A political reaction from our State Secretary for Public Health quickly followed.


    How can staff at Dutch abortion clinics deal with patients with whom they cannot, or can barely, communicate through language?


    When should a professional interpreter be called in and when is it sufficient to allow the accompanying partner, family member or friend to act as interpreter?

    How can it be known what the woman wants when there is a language barrier and does the choice to involve a professional interpreter depend on her wishes?

    What can the referrer contribute?

    How can healthcare laws be respected without bringing into question the integrity of the woman and the professionalism of the worker in the field of abortion?

    Can wilful deception be prevented?