Solene Vigoureux


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    The proposal of postpartum contraception is one of the recommended practices in the management of patients with childbirth (CNGOF recommendations post-partum 2015). Contraception should be chosen by the patient after a detailed explanation of the different contraceptive methods that can be considered based on her antecedents. Currently in France, contraception mainly proposed in the postpartum is the use of a micro progestin pill. Internationally, there are many countries offering post-delivery IUDs to women who wish to perform well on efficacy, tolerance and compliance. Patients are very often satisfied with being able to return home without having to worry about contraception. This technique is not yet part of practices in France. Firstly, we propose to evaluate the practices in France and the knowledge of the midwives and gynecologist-obstetricians and then we will present some result in a tertiary maternity unit.